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Fuel Delivery, Propane Tank Refills, Emergency Service and
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Oilheat: Aladdin delivers ultra-low sulfur heating oil to Long Island homes and businesses within about 20 miles of Bayport.

Gasoline: Aladdin delivers all grades of gasoline to businesses and municipalities. Gasoline is also available at our retail station, located at 806 Montauk Highway in Bayport.

Diesel GuardPropane: Aladdin refills barbeque propane tanks at our retail service station on Montauk Highway in Bayport. Bring our coupon and save $1.

Diesel: We treat our diesel fuel with the Diesel Guard Supreme™ additive to promote superior performance and cleanliness. We deliver diesel to business locations.

Kerosene: Kerosene can be relatively hard to locate, but you can always count on Aladdin. We maintain a steady supply at our retail service station.

Delivery Services

As an Aladdin customer, you choose your delivery method. You can order each delivery separately, or sign up for our Automatic Delivery service and leave the scheduling to us.

Aladdin Fuel delivery truck

Automatic Delivery: With Automatic Delivery, you don't have to monitor your fuel level or make a phone call to arrange every delivery. We check your home's past usage to set a custom delivery schedule, then we adjust it over the course of the heating season in response to the severity of the weather. You can combine Automatic Delivery with our EZ Pay service, which allows Aladdin to draft automatically from your credit card or debit card. To sign up for automatic delivery and/or Autopay, please call (631) 472-0024 or contact us.

Same Day (C.O.D.): We offer same-day, C.O.D. delivery. Just call and tell us how much oil you need, then pay our driver by cash, or if you prefer, our office will process your credit card for the delivery. All major credit and debit cards accepted. Click here to schedule a delivery.

On-Site Bulk Delivery: If you need fuel at a job site, we're happy to help. We can fill generator tanks, vehicles and more, and offer computerized meters so you pay only for the fuel you receive.

Fleet Fueling: Aladdin saves you time and money with our fleet-fueling services. We can fuel your vehicles while they are out of service so that your drivers can hit the ground running without wasting time on fueling.

propanePropane Tank Refills

Aladdin Fuel Service is your source for speedy propane tank refills! We fill just about any propane tank that you can bring to our fuel station at 806 Montauk Highway in Bayport, including barbeque tanks, forklift tanks, motor home tanks, and tanks for commercial applications.

Monday-Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you have a question about propane or our tank refill service, please call us at (631) 472-0024.

happy familyEmergency Service

As an Aladdin customer, you are covered with around-the-clock emergency service. If your heat ever fails, just call us at any time day or night, and we'll respond without delay. Our expert technicians all live locally, and they'll get your system back up and running quickly. If you are experiencing a heat emergency now, please call 631-472-0024. (Please don't e-mail us in an emergency.)

Service Plans

Aladdin specializes in servicing Oilheat equipment. We recommend service plans for all our customers because they include vital preventive maintenance for your system while shielding you from high costs in the event of a major repair.

Aladdin Fuel Service VanIf your system malfunctions, a highly trained Aladdin technician will have the knowledge and the tools needed to repair it correctly, without delay, while respecting you and your home.

Hydronic Systems

If you heat by baseboards, radiant heat or steam radiators, you can protect your boiler with an Aladdin service plan. We perform periodic preventive maintenance to keep your system running efficiently and reliably, and we perform repairs at no cost on any system components covered by the plan.

Warm Air Systems

If you heat by warm air, you can protect your furnace with an Aladdin service plan. We perform periodic preventive maintenance to keep your system running efficiently and reliably, and we perform repairs at no cost on any system components covered by the plan.