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Payment Options

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Manage Your Fuel Costs with Aladdin Fuel Service Payment Options

Aladdin provides customers with a range of payment options to help make your fuel costs more manageable and paying your bills easier than ever. You can even use our website to pay your bills online. We accept most major credit cards as well as electronic fund transfer from a bank account. Visit our secure Online Payment interface now.

EZ Pay & Save

EZ Pay & Save is a great option for saving money and simplifying your fuel payments. By choosing this option, you pre-authorize Aladdin Fuel Service to charge your bank account or credit card immediately upon making a delivery, and you receive an automatic price deduction of $.05 on every gallon.

We handle the billing and payment, so you get your savings automatically and avoid any bill payment chores. Your fuel price is discounted automatically too, so you cut your fuel costs without remitting any coupons or worrying about payment deadlines.

To sign up for EZ Pay & Save, just complete our contact form. An Aladdin Fuel representative will contact you shortly to confirm your payment option.

NOTE: EZ Pay & Save is available only to Aladdin Fuel Service customers who choose automatic delivery and enroll in a heating service plan.

Budget Plan

The Aladdin Budget Plan makes fuel costs more manageable by spreading them out over 12 months. Rather than paying the bulk of your fuel costs in a few short winter months, you start paying for your fuel in the summer, so by the time the heating season begins you are a few months ahead of schedule. You avoid the winter budget squeeze that you may have experienced in the past, when your Oilheat bills come due at the same time that you're coping with large holiday season expenses.

happy familyBudget Smart Pay

Our Budget Plan makes your fuel payments predictable and manageable. Our EZ Pay option makes payment automatic. When you combine the two, you get Smart Pay - the easiest way to pay for your heat. Your bills are pleasantly predictable, and automatic deduction from your credit card or checking account means you pay automatically without ever writing a check. There are no surprises and no hassles.

Fixed Price

Customers who like the comfort of knowing exactly what they will pay choose this program. The price is set before the heating season begins, and from Nov. 1 to April 30, your price does not rise or fall, regardless of where market prices go.

  • You have 20 days to pay the bill.
  • You must keep a credit card number on file for backup in case we do not receive your payment within 20 days.
  • Termination or cancellation results in a fee of $299.

Click here for more information on Aladdin's Fixed Price Program.

Capped Price

This program delivers exceptional value and is available only to our Budget Plan customers who choose our EZ Pay option. You enjoy favorable, flexible pricing throughout the heating season. Your price will not exceed the guaranteed maximum price, and if the market price falls, your price could fall. This is the best pricing program available in Suffolk County, and we charge no fee, despite the exceptional value.

  • With the Budget Plan and EZ Pay, your monthly bill is automatically charged to your checking account. If you prefer, you may use a credit card for a monthly fee of $8.
  • Termination or cancellation results in a fee of $299.

Click here for more information on Aladdin's Price-Cap Program.